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2017 Titles

Elliot received his TKN (trick dog Novice), TKI(trick dog Intermediate) and TKA(trick dog advanced) title, Hazel, Goblin and Biscuits recieved the TKN (trick dog Novice) at club training under CGC evaluator Jake Schneider. 171229

Janis completed her Agility Excellent (AX)  title this weekend at the Cambridge Kennel club trial. 171217

Vivi earned her second leg of her MR1 at Fair Play Mondio in Ohio with a super nice 193/200  171104

Allies earned his Nosework1  (NW1) title 171029

Maximus earned his IPO2 at the Minnesota Valley Schutzhund Verin on Sunday passing all three phases 238/300  171029

Allies earned his Novice Draft Dog (NDD) title showing 4 times under 2 different Judges 171022

Maximus earned his IPO1 at Indian Creek Schutzhund club in Marengo Illinois 170903  247/300

Goblin Earned his Dock Jumping title DJ  170624

Allies earned Barn Hunt Novice RATN 170623

Allies earned her first leg of her MR2 252/300 1st place and Luda earned first leg of his MR1 193/2001st place at the Rogue Ringsport Trial in Harris  170610

Goblin and Luda completed the CGC  170609

Janis received her second leg of her FR1 at Presitge Ringsport trial in Colorado 183.5   170527

Luda recieved his Nosework 1 (NW1) 170402

Janis completed her Open Agility Jumpers OAJ at On the Run at the German Shepherd Dog Club trial. 170402

Hazel showed and Placed third at the USMRA National Championships at Purina Farms in St.Louis, Mo. She also was awarded high Guard of Object award.  Great showing for a difficult trial! score 303.5  170320

Theron was awarded the AKC CGCA and CGCU at the Caninie Coach.  170311

Allies earned his Trick dog Novice, Intermediate, advanced and expert title ETD  170211

Luda and Allies both qualified at the Odor recognition test at The National Association of Caninie Scentwork located at Animal Inn  (all three odors - Birch, Anise, Clove) 170205

Janis finished her AKC Open Standard Agility title (OA) at the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club trial at On the Run.  170122

2016 Titles

Janis finished up the year by finishing her AKC Novice Agility (NA) and Novice agility jumpers with weaves (NAJ) this past weekend at the Northstar Herding Group trial 161231

Janis showed FR brevet and FR1 at the Presitige Ringsport Trial in Colorado scoring 97.8 brevet and 191.2 FR1.  Stetson showed second trial at FR3 with score of 330.4       161120

Hazel showed at the Mid-West All Breed Mondioring Ass trial in St Louis with a score of 356.5      161119

Allies finished his 3rd leg of his RN and Maximus finished his 3rd legof his CDX at the AKC Obedience trial at TCOTC. 161023

At our Rogue Ringsport trial -- Allies titled both legs of his Mondioring 1   with 178 and 166. Hazel trialed her 5th time as MR3 with a score of 347. Haizum and Fox trialed but not enough points to pass. Stetson and Maximus trialed Frenchring 3 Stetson's score 352 and Maximus 321 both titiling as FR3. Great showing for the Rogues!  160827

Allies trialed at Bales and Tails Barn Hunt Club  Passed Instinct and received his RATI title with a time of
9.56 seconds. Judge Kim Hott 160624

Hazel trialed at Mid America Police and Working Dog  IPO  trial at  Staatsmacht Kennel in  Minnesota and successfully passed her UPR2 with a score of 88.    160611

Hazel repeated her MR3 at the Rogue Ringsport Memorial Day trial with a high score of 358, Fox made his first attempt at MR3 with a good showing- only a calloff away from passing, Janis passed her first leg of MR2 with 265.  160531

Stetson showed at the 2016 FMBB (Belgium Shepherd World Championships) in Aubignet-sur-Nere' France May 14 -- placing 6/31 for Mondioring 160514

Allies completed her AKC Beginner Novice title at The Duluth Kennel Club May 7, 2016 - One first place leg and 2 second place legs.  160507

Hazel traveled to Utah to the USMRA National Championships, although not having a strong showing, It was  a great opportunity to experience new helpers and locations. 2017 Nationals lookout Hazel will be back! 160430

Janis trialed at Santa Clarita Mondioring trial in California, both legs of her MR1 with first and second place each day. 180 186.5  160115

Allies showed at Land O Lakes Conformation Dog Show @ the St Paul River Center, MN, Allies Won Best Puppy Dog 6-9 months, Winners Dog, and Best of Opposite Belgian Tervuren at 6 months old. 160108

2015 Titles

Hazel trialed at MidAmerica Police and Workingdog IPO trial and sucessfully passed her Apr1  94/95  151004

Rogue Ringsport hosted our Mondioring/Frenchring trial.  Hazel completed her MR3 with the high protection and first place with score of 368, Stetson finished MR3 same score but high obedience second place 368, Foxx showed both days and completed his MR2 title, first place sunday 267.5, second place sat 258.  Maximus showed FR3 Sunday and crash and burned -- maybe  next year for Max. 150822

Hazel successfully completed her UPr1 (IPO1 Obedience) at Mid America Police and Working Dog  IPO  trial at  Staatsmacht Kennel 88/100   150612

Stetson and Hazel showed at the USMRA Nationals at Santa Clarita in Oxnard California. Stetson recieved 2nd place with a score of 324, Hazel receivedf 3rd place with a score of 319 she also received high female, high object guard, and high escort!  Nice showing with Rogue at Nationals. 150503

Maximus trialed for his MR3 in Corning California at the Club Mondio receiving a passing score of 319.  150405

Maximus finished his 3rd leg of his NoviceA  AKC obedience completing his Companion Dog (CD) titile 150308

Maximus, Haizum, and Janis started the year with an AKC CGC title 150301

2014 Titles

Hazel titled her first MR3 with high MR3 315, Maximus passed (2) legs of his MR2 252,280 At The Rogue Ringsport Club trial.  Foxx and Surly trialed for MR2 but not enough points to pass.  141025.  Big Congratulations to Hazel on her first MR3 at a young age of 2+  years!

Maximus found his glove at the Croix Valley Tracking Club trial earning him his TD (trackingdog) title 141019

Hazel trialed at Mid America Police and Working Dog  IPO  trial at  Staatsmacht Kennel in  Minnesota and successfully passed her BH 141012.

Stetson and Cato trialed at the Mondioring World Cup in Merano Italy, Stetson had a qualifying score of 302/400 putting him 14/41. Both dogs had an awesome performance.  Cricket did not manage to attend due to some paperwork problems 141002.

Maximus trialed at the Minnesota Valley Schutzhund Verein IPO trial in Jordan Minnesota and sucessfully passed his Bh (pass) and FPr1 with a score of 80/100 (tracking level 1)  140905

Cricket, Cato, and Stetson were all selected to represent the United States at the Mondioring World Cup

Cricket, Hazel, Foxx, Surley and Maximus trialed at our Spring club trial RogueRingsport .  Cricket earned her MR3 with a respectable score of 331.5, Hazel showed both days at MR2 earning both legs of her MR2 with scores of 262 on Saturday and 283.5 on Sunday. Foxx received his second leg of his MR1 on Sunday, Surley and Maximus recieved both legs of his MR1 Sat and Sunday . Titles for all dogs showing from Rogue.  140601

Cato, Stetson, Maximus and Cricket traveled to Colorado springs and competed at the USMRA National Championships. Stetson received a score of 353/400 winning National Champion at level 3, Cato received a score 310/400 making him Vice Champion at level 3 for 2014.  Cricket competed at level 2 and finished second place.  Maximus showed at the Nationals but unfortunately not enough points to pass or place.  A great showing for the Rogues!!! 140510

Cricket traveled to San Antonio Texas to compete at the Lone Star Mondioring trial, she completed her MR2 with a score of 245.  Great start for the new season! 140420

2013 Titles

Stetson competed in the 2013 Mondioring World Cup in Muskiz Spain receiving a score of 348.  This gave him third place from 37 level 3 dogs from 13 different nations.  Agreat showing for Rogue Ringsport and the USA.

Cato repeated his MR3 title for the 4th time with a good score of 347, Cricket qualified at MR2 earning her first leg with a score of 247,  Hazel received her second leg of her MR1 earning her a title with a score of 185.5, Foxx recieved his first leg of his MR1 with a score of 185, Surly earned a brevet with a very nice showing. Foxx, Surly and Maximus all passed the USMRA Sociability test.   Rogue Ringsport trial 130907

Cricket passed both legs of her MR1 and High MR1, Hazel passed one leg of her MR1 Hazel also received her CGC and Cato and Stetson both respectfully passed the MR3 again at the Rogue Ringsport Spring/Summer trial 130630. 

2013 USMRA Nationals in Cambridge Mn.  Stetson placed MR3 1st with a score of 312, Cato MR3 2nd with a score of 295 Cricket got her feet wet trialing at level 1 but unfortunately did not qualify 130520

Cricket passed her CGC prior to the Nationals 130513

Stetson trialed and passed his MR3 in Oxnard California with a score of 371. 130420

Cato started the year off with a high MR3 score of 359 at the St Louis Ring Kings trial in St Louis Mo. 130413

2012 Titles

Jenny and Cato earned their Rally Advanced Excellent title 12/12

Deja competed at the 2012 Nara Championships and finished NARA national ring 2 grand champion. They also took the 2nd place cup for the national trial -- Great Job Kristie! 121110

This weekend at the Rogue Rinsport Trial 120929 -- Cato and Jake titled as a MR3 with a high score of 341, Stetson trialed and competed for both legs of his MR2 earning him a MR2 title, Csabre and Virginia finished up the MR1 second leg. 

Jenny and Cato earned Cato's Rally Excellent title Friday: 1st place with a score of 95 Saturday: 2nd place with a score of 85 Sunday: 1st place with a score of 94. 07/2012

At our home Rogue Ringsport Trial -- Ruly passed her MR3 title, Cato passed both legs of his MR2 title, Csabre received one leg of his MR1, and Stetson passed both legs of his MR1, Lykos repreated his MR3 with a high MR3 of 366. Also Josiah certified as a Level 2  and Geoff certified at level one as USMRA decoys.  06/2012

Mongoose competed and won the 2012 USMRA NationalChampionbship MR3 with a great score of 357.5    04/2012 placing 1/6

Jake was selected to decoy for the 2012 USMRA Nationals in Costa Mesa California

Cato earned his Rally Advanced title 02/2012

Cato earned his Rally Novice and put a leg on his Rally Advanced 01/2012

Paris, Tango and Stetson passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test  01/2012

2011 Titles

Rogue LDS competed at the World Championships in Lyss placing 25/45

 Rogue Ringsport trial Sept 2011 -- no new titles were earned but Jay Schroeder Certified as a Mondioring level 1 decoy, Rogue scored 360 at level3

MVSV Schuzhund trial July 2011 -- Tango passed his Schutzhund 3 with a respectable score of 273.  High Sch3, HIT

Rogue Ringsport Trial June 11, 2011 -- Lykos completed his MR3 with a high score of 359, Rogue also competed and received a 350, Ruly completed both legs of her MR2 in one weekend, and Cato completed both legs of his MR1 - High MR1

Tango competed at the 2011 AWDF Championships for his IPO3, unfortunately the tracking conditions were not in his favor. 208/300 04/2011

Rogue finished 1st place at the USMRA Nationals in Hutto Texas. High MR3, High Scoring Male, High H.O.T., High crossover sport.  Rogue Ringsport won the 'Club cup' trophy. 321/400       03/2011

2010 Titles

Jake and Josiah certified as level 1 MR decoys!

Ruly titled with both legs of her MR1 with a 193/200 and 196/200, Paris received her Mr1 title with a 194/200 (third title in 3 sports in one summer), Rogue titled MR3 with a 337/400, and Mongoose did his all time high at MR3 with a 385/400.  Rogue Ringsport Trial 10/2010

Mongoose showed at the 2010 Mondio world cup in Rotterdam NL. he placed 12/37 scoring 311.5  10/2010

Tango qualified for his Sch2 at the North Central Regionals scoring 260/300 High Sch2, High tracking  09/2010

Paris, who also is a member of 10000 Lakes schutzhund club, earned his BH at the club trial there. Second title in 2 sports in one summer. Great job Paris!  08/2010

Tango qualified at Sch1 at the MVSV trial he scored 272/300  High Sch1  08/2010

Mongoose competed and qualified at the Leerburg/Competitive Canine trial with a score of 350/400 High MR3   07/2010

Rogue and Mongoose qualified for FR3 both with scores of 330/400+ at our Rogue Ringsport  trial in May  05/2010

Paris received her Brevet and FR1 in the same weekend at the Rogue Ringsport at our field 05/2010, Ruly received her FR brevet 05/2010

Java received her FR1 becoming the first FR boxer in the United States! 05/2010